New semester!

It’s the end of the first week of the semester (or the beginning of the second, depending on your viewpoint), and I was back at my favorite coffee spot. I really appreciate how much natural light you can get in there, even though it makes for weird photos. Also, apparently there was a scavenger hunt around town today, and Qawa was one of the locations. So people kept coming in to count the planters and take photos, which was interesting.


As you can see, I started a notebook for the job search. I’m using the notebook to keep track of things and organize my thoughts. So far I’ve written this list of things to keep in mind, and what materials I’ll need. It also has idea pages and drafts of the materials I will need. Everything is on the cloud as well, but a physical copy that I can work with helps me.


Something else I picked up recently is this cute Sudoku book. I’ve done plenty of Sudoku puzzles in the past, but have primarily been doing them online or on my phone. So, in an attempt to make this an end of the day, de-stressing, screen-free activity, I ordered a random book off of Amazon. There’s something really satisfying about doing these by hand again; I will say that the “easy” label feels like a lie, but that could be because I’m so out of practice.

So far the notebook and sudoku book are working really well for me, and hopefully that’ll continue into the semester!


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