The first weekend of June was the GSCAGT (Graduate Student Conference in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology) at Temple University and last week was all about getting back on a schedule.

GSCAGT is one of my favorite conferences because of how diverse it is in terms of the people and the mathematical areas. In addition, because it’s a graduate student conference, the talks are often geared towards the general audience. That makes it a great opportunity to learn about mathematical structures I have not encountered before.

Priyam Patel gave a really interesting talk about mapping class groups of infinite type surfaces. I had heard of mapping class groups in passing, but this was definitely my first exposure to surfaces of finite and infinite type. Other interesting talks I attended include talks about Cremona groups, Teichmüller space, and algebraic K-theory.

Joseph Wells gave a talk about “hybridization” of lattices, but I unfortunately had to miss it because it was scheduled at the same time as mine. I gave a talk introducing Hermitian forms and lattices, before delving into the problem I’m working on. If you’re interested in what a Hermitian form is, I should be writing up some notes on them soon!

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