Iced Coffee

69AB44FF-5F3F-4A19-BFC5-0560D2A28B71.jpeg It seems that almost every math person I’ve met either has a coffee problem, or a tea problem. During the winter months, I’m really good abut caffeine, and just drink tons of hot tea because somehow the office is always cold. But spring has been teasing us with delightfully warm weather, which means it’s definitely time to start drinking iced coffee right? A new coffee recently opened in town and it’s DANGEROUS.

Their coffee is recklessly pleasant and it’s a pretty solid working environment. I am quickly re-discovering my iced coffee problem. The picture looks innocuous enough, and I am getting a reasonable amount of work done. Alas, if only it weren’t my fourth time here in the last eight days. I think the barista’s starting to recognize me. But really, I now have a coffee solution.

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