Hi! I’m Freda, a math graduate student and a casual cook/baker/crafter. I do other things as well, but these are the things that take up the bulk of my time, and so they’re the things that I’ll be writing about the most.

The majority of the things I look at at my desk are in quadratic and Hermitian forms. Sometimes, I talk to other grad students and learn about other subject areas; this is what prompted my desire to take a functional analysis course this semester. In my kitchen, I cook and bake to try to justify the youtube videos I watch when taking math breaks. I find that baking helps me destress, and some of the most complicated, time consuming recipes happen because of particularly hard weeks.

Outside of math and cooking, I am an avid lover of warm, nonalcoholic drinks, my family, cats, stationary and books. Feel free to reach out! I am happy to talk about these things at any time.

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